Modular Mooring Systems

HDPE pile guide attachments designed for resistant and commercial use.

  • Great for new and existing projects.
  • Easy installation.
  • Rugged and long lasting.
  • Provides less stress on piles then traditional pile guides.

Piling attachments

Modular Mooring Unit for Drive-on Boat Dock  |  SPMP Part No. SPMPMD

The Sea Power Marine Products modular mooring unit is a high density polyethylene (“HDPE”) unit designed on a modular basis to fit into and secure drive-on boat docks to a fixed or floating dock or pier. The modular unit is designed for use with all brands of drive-on docks, and fits into the interlocking pattern of floats that make up the drive-on dock. The mooring unit is available with a heavy-duty aluminum bracket so it can be attached to the edge of a dock or pier. The top end of the HDPE unit fits within slotted guides on the aluminum bracket so there is a range of adjustment within the aluminum bracket. All of Sea Power’s’ HDPE products are non-leaching, and will not contaminate the aquatic environment in which they are used.