Pile Rings

Pile Ring is an innovative and easy to use solution for permanent tight lines and monitor free mooring.

So far, we have never had a single unit broken, returned, or warrantied. We also have a 100% reorder rate from marinas to whom we send samples. This speaks volumes of the time, effort, and money spent on design, engineering, & manufacturing if Pile Ring. We realize that there is a need in the market for an industrial grade piece of hardware at a price point low enough that marinas can justify a retrofit on hundreds of pilings at a time, which offers improvements in safety, convenience, and reduced cost of maintenance, labor, and equipment replacements or upgrades.


  • UV stable, non marking, non porous, roto-molded Polyethylene construction
  • Cast and clocked in a one piece, all inclusive mold with no seams or joints
  • Filled with closed cell foam after the oven
  • Integrated single-piece, single-weld 304 solid stainless steel rod
  • Offers 4 strong, smooth mooring points, with enough clearance to accept lines up to 22mm
  • Incorporated recessed ‘nesting ring’ allows for easy, stable, and efficient stacking of the units for shipping, storing, or multi-unit in-water applications


  • I/D – 400mm
  • O/D – 640mm
  • Weight -15 lbs Rated for 3 tons working load
  • Load cell tested to 5+ tons breaking
  • Fits 99% of all wooden pilings (most 8”-12”)
  • PR550
  • I/D – 550mm
  • O/D – 860mm
  • Weight – 20 lbs Rated for 3+ tons working load
  • Load cell tested to 5+ tons working load
  • Fits larger steel, synthetic, concrete, square pilings


  • Both sizes offered in either Orange or Black, no price difference between the colors
  • All units are guaranteed/warrantied for 5 years, with a practical life of 15+ years
  • Both sizes often offer enough clearance on the inside diameter to slip easily over all hardware previously installed into the pilings, including caps, cleats, fenders, rails, etc
  • All unites produced exclusively in New Zealand, where the inventor himself ensures strict quality control and batchtesting at the factory. Pile Ring meets or exceeds all ISO 9001 standards.