Specialty Products

​Surge Protector

Sea Power’s surge protector is a round collar of high density polyethylene (“HDPE”) that is bolted through the top of the HDPE pipe sleeve protecting a wood pile on a floating dock. The collar is matched in size to the HDPE pipe and pile guides or stabilizers, and prevents the floating dock from floating above and escaping the piles in the event of a severe storm surge.

Custom Pile Guides for Square Cement Piles

Sea Power manufactures a unique, commercial grade square internal pile guide for use with square concrete piles. The guide consists of a heavy gauge square aluminum frame, with high density polyethylene (“HDPE”) rollers mounted on stainless steel axles welded to each of the four sides of the square aluminum frame. This design allows for a tight fit of the floating dock on the piles, thereby maximizing the stability of the floating dock. It also allows for a smooth vertical movement of the floating dock against the piles as the tide ebbs and flows.

These custom pile guides can be made to any size, and are manufactured pursuant to special orders. Manufacturing and delivery may take up to 60 days. Please call Sea Power for more details.